Wednesday, July 25, 2018

SCOM - New Management Packs for Connecting to OMS

Microsoft have just announced the following three new management packs to connect your SCOM environments to Azure Log Analytics/OMS:

  • For SCOM 1801, download the management pack from here. 
  • For SCOM 2016, download the management pack from here. 
  • For SCOM 2012 R2, download the management packs from here.

These new MP's contain a new on-boarding wizard (shown below) that enables your SCOM environments to communicate with the new OMS/Azure API's.

For all new SCOM to OMS connections, you need to import the relevant management pack to your environment first.

If you've already configured an OMS connection, then you don't need to deploy the new management pack for now however, if you need to reconfigure that connection again, you will then need to import it.


  1. does the 1801 need to be added to 1807 or did that release already get the update?

    I am finding adding new servers through the SCOM console is not working, I am seeing parsing cert errors in the event log, wonder if this fixes that issue.