Friday, July 6, 2018

Awarded Microsoft MVP 2018 for Cloud and Datacenter Management!

Last Sunday (1st July) I received a very welcome email into my inbox stating I'd been renewed as a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP for 2018!

This email from Microsoft confirms that I'm now moving into my 7th year as an MVP and it's always a relief when it comes in as there's no guarantee that any of us will get renewed - no matter how much you think you've contributed to the community over the past year.

The MVP program enables me to network and interact with some of the best technical brains in the industry and I'm very lucky to work for an employer (Ergo) that supports me on this journey. Each year, they have given me the projects, tools and time that I need to enable me work with Cloud and Datacenter technologies in the Microsoft space - which in turn, helps me to contribute back to the community through this blog, my social media channels and to attend/speak at conferences where I can maximize my learning curve.

Due to some internal changes to the MVP award program, this year is the first time my renewal has come up in July (I'm originally an October awardee) and as such, it's 18 months since my last renewal date. Over those last 18 months, I've kept myself busy in the community by presenting at conferences such as Experts Live Europe, the Cloud and Datacenter Conference Germany, Experts Live NL and SCOM Day Sweden. I've also spent some time authoring with some awesome MVP friends on the 'Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (v2)' book.

Thanks to my family, to everyone in Microsoft and the MVP community for their help and advice over the last year and also thanks to my friends and work colleagues at Ergo for helping me get this far in the program!

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