Saturday, April 27, 2019

Presenting at the Global Online Azure Bootcamp 2019

For the last number of years, the Azure community has come together on a single day to host simultaneous Bootcamp events across the globe - with the single goal of sharing our knowledge about what's new and cool with Azure.

I've presented at a number of these previous events - usually hosted in our local Microsoft office here in Ireland but this year unfortunately, we had some issues retaining an onsite location. After some brainstorming and hurried negotiations while at the MVP Summit in Seattle last month, my good friend and Irish Azure MVP Aidan Finn somehow managed to pull together a massive 24-hour online-only event - with sessions submitted from presenters all over the world and available to anyone who has access to an internet connection!

At 15:00 GMT, I'll be presenting a session titled 'Getting Started with Azure Monitor' and in it, I'll help you get familiar with some of the key features Azure Monitor and it's associated services have to offer.

To make this a truly global 24-hour event, each session will be made available on a phased basis via our YouTube channel and they'll only be accessible for the weekend of the event (so make sure to put aside some time to view the ones you'd like to see).

The agenda will follow these three primary time-zone cycles:
  • Perth / Beijing: AWST / Beijing Time which is +8 hours from GMT and +16 hours from PST.
  • Dublin / London: GMT, which is -8 hours from AWST / Beijing Time and +8 hours from PST.
  • Seattle / Los Angeles: PST, which is -16 hours from AWST / Beijing Time and -8 hours from GMT.

If you want to learn more about the Global Online Azure Bootcamp, then check out the official blog here -

Also, keep an eye on all the usual social media channels for the #GlobalAzureOnline tag and make sure to ping any questions you might have for the presenters with this.