Thursday, June 4, 2015

SCOM - Free Log File Monitoring MP from NiCE

If you use SCOM regularly, you'll know that it can monitor just about anything in some way shape or form once it's connected to a network! This extensible capability is greatly enhanced by the various management packs that Microsoft, third-party vendors and System Center community authors release and our friends over at NiCE have just recently released an awesome one to add to your collection.

The SCOM Log File Monitoring management pack enables you to dive into those log files from bespoke line-of-business applications and garner useful information to help you better understand how the applications are performing.

Best of all about this management pack - its FREE! (that was NiCE of them....)

Here's an overview taken directly from their website:

As we all know, business critical applications write health and performance information to log files and this data is often left unattended and simply archived. It is time to tap into the pool of information that is contained in the log files. The NiCE Log File MP is THE product to scan and analyze the information contained in your log files. It provides more than 100 custom wizards to the SCOM Authoring console to create rules and monitors with ease. Additionally, all parts of the NiCE Log File MP leverage native SCOM capabilities and provide a powerful tool that analyzes log content in full detail.

My good buddy and fellow System Center MVP Marnix Wolf wrote up a super blog post on a real-world example where this management pack can be used to solve problems and you can check out his post here.

If you haven't already downloaded the Log File Monitoring MP, then you can get it from this link:


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