Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Whitepaper - Is Operations Manager Still Relevant in the World of the Cloud?

Last week my good buddy Cameron Fuller, in collaboration with Savision, authored a whitepaper which tackles a topic that is becoming more and more relevant as the global push towards the cloud accelerates.

He asks simply - 'Is Operations Manager still relevant in the world of the cloud ?'

Instead of just adding his own perspective to this question, Cameron has put in the ground-work to thoroughly research the validity and longevity of Microsoft's on-premise monitoring solution that, for me as a Cloud OS consultant, is currently the product that's consuming the majority of my working weeks.

Here are some of the key points that he discusses in the document:
  • A history of Operations Manager and what conclusions we can draw from that history
  • Cloud first, mobile first, and it’s impacts on System Center
  • The Microsoft Operations Management Suite and how it compares with Operations Manager
  • Monitoring available within Azure, and solutions to monitor Azure
  • The Cloud Platform Stack, WAP, and Azure Stack
  • Architecting Operations Manager to run in the cloud 

If you've read any of Cameron's OpsMgr Unleashed books or attended his presentations, you'll know that he has an excellent way of getting his point across and this whitepaper is no exception.

So, if you're working with SCOM (or plan to in the next year or so), then I'd highly recommend you have a read of this whitepaper to gain an insight into where things are going and where we're at now. 

You can download it directly from Savision's website at the following link:


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