Friday, June 12, 2015

SCOM - Automating Run As Account Distribution

If you're an IT Pro and anyway involved in deploying SCOM on a regular basis, then you'll know the pain of having to manage Run As account distribution to various Run As profiles.

The SQL management pack is one example where in large environments, this can quickly turn into a time-consuming nightmare!

Well, Kevin Holman (Microsoft's SCOM Ninja Master Elite) has come up with an awesome PowerShell script to solve these problems :)

His script uses a SCOM group to determine Run As account distribution and makes delegation of this task super-easy when working with more than one SCOM administrator/operator.

Kevin explains all in his post here (where you can also grab the PowerShell script):

I've tested this script now in a few different SCOM environments and it works exactly as promised but if you run into any problems with it or want to say thanks to Kevin directly, then just leave a comment on his blog from the link above.


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