Thursday, June 11, 2020

Inside Azure Management Book (2020 Edition) Released!

Things have been pretty quiet on this blog over the last while and one of reasons for this is that I've been pushing hard with some of my awesome MVP friends to author and publish the latest edition of our 'Inside Azure Management' book - fully free and available for download to the Azure community!

Keeping up with the lightning pace that Microsoft Azure is moving at, this book builds on the success of last years release with even more content and amazing authors to deliver a premium grade learning resource for free (if you download the e-copy).

Working on this book is always a fun experience and I'll normally jump at the chance to collaborate again with my good friends and co-authors from the last book - Stanislav ZhelyazkovTao Yang and Pete Zerger.

As usual, Pete retained the role of 'Taskmaster (aka Mother Goose)' who kept us all organised and on-track with deadlines and chapter edits.

We also had some new (and equally awesome) additions to the full authoring team this year and were joined by:
All great technical books require a great technical reviewer and Anders Bengtsson (one of our co-author's from last years book), has taken on that role for us in this release.

Every chapter from the previous book has been updated to reflect the new features and capabilities of each topic and some of those chapters have undergone nearly a full re-write.

Like last year, I learned a bunch of new skills and tricks from authoring my own chapters and reading the content the rest of the team has put together too. I revisited the same chapters I wrote in last years book which focused on Azure Migration, Azure Infrastructure Monitoring and Azure Disaster Recovery.

Here's the full list of Chapters that we've included across the book:

  • Implementing Governance in Azure
  • Migrating Workloads in Azure
  • Configuring Data Sources for Azure Log Analytics
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Alerting and Notification
  • Monitoring Databases in Azure
  • Monitoring Containers in Azure
  • Implementing Process Automation
  • Implementing Configuration Management
  • Monitoring Security-Related Configuration
  • Data Backup for Azure Workloads
  • Implementing a Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Update Management for VMs

As I mentioned earlier, and sticking to our promise from last year's release - all of the authors and technical reviewers are strong advocates in the Azure Management community and wanted to give something back so we've agreed to release this book as a free download to anyone who wants it. Don't be fooled into thinking this lacks quality or effort by the fact that we're giving it away for free as we're confident that you won't get a better book than this on Azure Management from any of the usual paid-for publishing channels.

You can grab your free copy of the book from our new download URL here:

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we did authoring it and feel free to reach out to any of us with questions you have on the content.

Thanks as always for your support!

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