Friday, February 15, 2013

The MVP 2013 Global Summit, Seattle, USA

 It's just a few hours until I'm in Dublin airport and ready for the first leg of my journey (Dublin to London Heathrow) to attend the MVP 2013 Global Summit. Once I get to London, I then have a 9.5 hour plane trip to tackle but it'll all be worth it I'm sure!

I'm really looking forward to the week ahead and getting an exclusive invitation to go over to Microsoft HQ in Seattle, Washington to interact with the product groups associated with your chosen technology is the highlight of earning an MVP in my opinion.

Instead of explaining everything that the summit is and has to offer -it's all under Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) anyway - I'll let you take a look at this excellent 'Beginners Guide' to the MVP Summit article that Aidan Finn (Hyper-V MVP) wrote a couple of months ago.

A Beginners Guide To The MVP Summit

I know this guide will definitely be referenced more than a few times by me and some of the other newbie MVP's over the coming week!

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