Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Available Now - Mastering System Center 2012 Operations Manager

Finally, after many months of long days and nights writing, our new book titled 'Mastering System Center 2012 Operations Manager' has just been published by Sybex/Wiley. We had a really strong team made up of present and former MVP's, Microsoft employees and all round SCOM experts involved in writing the book as listed below:


Bob Cornelissen
Kevin Greene
Ivan Hadzhiyski
Paul Keely
Sam Allen
Telmo Sampaio


Arie de Haan
Pavel Dzemyantsau

Technical Editor:

Steve Rachui

So, how did you get involved?

I was a late addition (in place of someone else who had to drop out) to the original author team and only started writing in February with an inital contract of two chapters to complete on a really tight deadline of three weeks. One thing led to another and in the end, I was involved either in full or as a contributor on six of the final chapters! Trying to fit in a work and family life balance on top of all that writing was definitely one of the biggest time-management challenges I've ever had!

Was it worth it?

For all the hard work and stress though, I absolutely found the entire process to be really rewarding and I can honestly say that no matter how much you know about a product or piece of software (SCOM 2012 in my case), you will learn an absolute abundance of information when writing a book like this on it! Unlike blogging, where you can quickly get something up onto the internet and when a mistake is made easily rectify it, with a book, everything needs to be cross referenced and verified along with copyright issues taken into account too - it defnitely needs to be as accurate as possible first time round!

As an added bonus, I've also made some really good friends and contacts out of this process and look forward to meeting up with some of them at the MVP Summit over in Redmond, Washington next February.

If you want to learn more about SCOM 2012, then this book is a great place to start. I know that I've certainly learned some valuable new tips by reading through each of the other authors 'Real World Scenario', 'Notes' and 'Tip' sections that you will find throughout the book.

Where can I get more information about the book?

We've recently setup a new website specifically for the book and some of the authors hope to be blogging on topics related to the book and answering any questions you might have through the FAQ section. You can check out the website here: www.masteringscom.com

OK cool, so how do I order it?

It's just come off pre-order and is available now for delivery through Amazon.com here and Sybex.com here in your traditional 'dead tree' format and also as an e-book.

If you're over my side of the world (Europe) and use Amazon.co.uk or any of the other European online book stores, then they should have it ready for delivery in the next week or two. That means that there's still some great savings to be had by pre-ordering it now! You can get it from Amazon.co.uk here.

Hope you enjoy it!

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