Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MMS 2013 Content Survey Now Open

Last night Microsoft sent out an e-mail announcing their annual Content Survey request for the upcoming Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013 is open. This survey is detrimental in ensuring that the content presented at MMS is relevant to what the attendees want to see.

If you haven't registered on the MMS website and didn't receive an e-mail, you can access the Content Survey here:

It contains questions about the different types of technologies that you work with and what level of technical detail you would like to see those technologies presented on - Level 100 is just an entry-level overview session and Level 400 is the deep-dive technical content that most experienced techies are looking for.

MMS 2012 was held this year in April and although I had an excellent time and saw some really excellent and cool presentations, I couldn't help but feel I had seen a lot of the stuff being presented on over the previous 12 months through participation in Community Evaluation Programs (CEPs) and other online blogs and articles. Speaking with other attendees over there, this was kind of the general consensus.

I understand that not all attendees will spend nearly all of their spare time like I did learning System Center and participating in these Community driven programs but I honestly have to say that at MMS 2012, if I was running late for a particular session (it was in Vegas right..), that the decision to just give the session a miss and download it later was made easier due to the fact that I had either seen most of the stuff already or that the session was geared towards Level 100 audiences.

The fact that this year was the launch of System Center 2012 probably played a big part in the sessions that were delivered as Microsoft needed to ensure that everyone had a good understanding and overview of the products and Level 100 and Level 200 sessions are the best way to do that.

Speaking with Rod Trent and Flemming Riis last night, we all agreed that now is the time to get the right level of content and deep-dive sessions that we want presented by simply filling in the Content Survey form. If you are filling out the survey today or in the next few days (it doesn't take longer than 3 minutes), then one of the most important questions to ensure you complete is the last one about the 'General Event Questions' shown below

MMS previous attendees (alumni) should pay particular attention to this section and ensure that you use it as the forum to get your requests and points across about what you don't want to see and also what you would really love to see.

Don't be afraid to full up this section with as much suggestions as you can think of and if Microsoft get enough people suggesting the same thing, then they will definitely listen and add it to the content for next year.

So, what are you waiting for - start filling it out!

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