Saturday, October 15, 2011

DPM 2012 Role Based Access Management with SCOM

This is a quick post to describe a new feature of System Center DPM 2012  - centralised Role Based Access.

With DPM 2012, you can achieve a centralised management model by using the DPM 2012 Central Console. See my previous posts on 'Managing and Monitoring System Center DPM 2012 with SCOM' for more information and on how to install to Central Console.

Logon to your SCOM server which should already have the DPM 2012 Central Console installed onto it. Open up an elevated command prompt and browse to the following location:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\bin\
Once here, kick off the ‘DefaultRoleConfigurator.exe’ installer

Once this finishes you should see the screen below to confirm that the DPM Centralised Role Based Access is configured.

Once that's complete, open up your SCOM Console, go to the 'Administration' tab and then select 'Security' and 'User Roles'.

The screenshot above shows the new DPM 2012roles available for configuration within your environment - all from the central SCOM Console window and no need to logon to a DPM 2012 server to configure!

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