Friday, December 17, 2010

UAG Service Pack 1 Released!

UAG Service Pack 1 has been released and it comes packed with some new GUI enhancements as well as some neat new features.

For anyone who has configured Direct Access using UAG in the past, they will notice that some of these changes are welcome enhancments!

A really nice feature in SP1 is the ability to update or modify the existing UAG GPO's that the configuration wizard generates initially. This is quite cool because previously, if you wanted to make any changes to the Direct Access configuration, you nearly always needed to manually remove these GPO's first to ensure the new ones took precedence when you re-ran the wizard.

You can now also specify a GPO that houses the client laptop's or computers that you want to enable Direct Access on instead of the previous option of just a security group.

There is also some major changes to the Direct Access Configuration Assistant to help troubleshoot those hard to get going configurations!

Here's the links needed to get the download and give you some extra information on whats included:

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