Friday, October 22, 2010

Hyper V and SCVMM Missing Updates Script

I came across this really handy little script on Microsoft SCVMM Engineer JonJor's blog. This script is basically a reporting tool that checks all of the relevant Hyper-V, Failover Cluster, SCVMM, Bits,VDS, VSS,WMI and WinRM components for installed updates and reports back with any that are missing.

Most of these updates are generally deployed automatically using Windows Update but there are some that slip through the net and this tool will help you find them.

Make sure that you check back to the link below regularly for an updated script as the author continually makes changes and additions to it.

I've already resolved issues on two Hyper-V cluster sites just by installing the recommended updates from this report.

It's worth noting that you are best running the script from a folder on the root of the System Drive with no spaces in the name as I had some initial syntax issues when I named the folder something like 'Hyper V Updates', try naming it to 'missingupdates' or 'hypervupdates' to be sure it works first time.

Here's the link:

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