Thursday, January 8, 2015

Using Distributed Applications with SCOM? You Might Want to Attend This Webinar So!

The essence of true IT as a Service monitoring using System Center 2012 R2 - Operations Manager (SCOM) is delivered through the deployment of Distributed Application models. These models can be complex to configure and maintain if you don't know what you're doing and before you even start designing one for an IT service in your organisation, you need to have all of the relevant components of that IT service mapped out to ensure you can bring them under monitoring control.

I've lost count of the number of times that I have engaged with customers on SCOM deployments who have difficulties in identifying all of the key components and dependencies of each of their IT services. Then, when everything is finally mapped out for their services and modeled in SCOM, there is still no (easy) way to dynamically updated the distributed applications when things change.

Step forward.....

I've known the guys over at BlueStripe Software for a while now and spent some very useful time with them at System Center Universe Europe over in Switzerland last year where I spent a couple of hours querying them on their software and trying to understand where it could fit into my customer deployments.

If you haven't heard of them before, then you might want to check out a webinar that they're running in a couple of weeks aptly titled - The End of the Distributed Application (feature) as You Know It.

In the webinar, they're going to demonstrate how you can make complex IT service monitoring easy by using their Performance Center software to automatically discover and map out all of the dependent components of your services and then bring them under monitoring in SCOM as distributed application models. It even goes so far as to dynamically update your distributed applications when components get added or retired to the service.

Here's a description of the webinar:

"IT teams don’t get paid because all the Servers are running at an optimal CPU rate. They get paid by delivering business applications that work.

For System Center owners, BlueStripe’s Performance Center for System Center delivers the desired application-centric management. Performance Center automatically brings application visibility and performance monitoring into Operations Manager – without any manual application creation or updates."

There will be two webinars running on Thursday 22nd January at 9AM EST (2:00PM GMT) and 1PM EST (6:00PM GMT).

Still not convinced yet? Well, the way I look at vendor solutions such as this is that if they can solve a problem for me and my customers and come in at an acceptable price point, then why wouldn't I want to bring it to the table? This is a unique offering in the SCOM space when working with distributed applications and if Microsoft use this internally, then it's definitely something worth checking out.

If this sounds interesting, then register today for 

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