Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SCOM 2012 - More Free Stuff - Veeam Extended Generic Report Library MP

Following quickly on from my last post about the free dashboard authoring tool and samples that the OpsMgr product team have released, now it's Veeam's turn to offer up a free management pack for SCOM 2012.

Thanks to Chris Dearden of Veeam UK for bringing this one to my attention

Although the reporting functionality inside SCOM 2012 is really excellent, the Veeam Extended Generic Report Library (GRL) includes the following reports:
  • Veeam Alert Statistics Report - Analyze alert statistics in two modes – per rule/monitor and per object
  • Veeam Generic Performance Top (Bottom) N Report - Show infrastructure objects, performance counters, or both, for a specific rule
  • Veeam Performance Report - Visualize performance counter values on one or more charts and tables
  • Veeam Performance Details Report - Analyze trends with drill down to performance details

The cool thing about this reporting extension is that it DOES NOT require any Veeam products or other Veeam management packs to run. The reports can be targeted at any of the objects in your SCOM environment that the standard Generic Report Library that comes out of the box with SCOM can run against.

The GRL is compatible with both SCOM 2012 and SCOM 2007 R2 but a pre-requsisite is to ensure you are running SSRS 2008 upwards for your reporting engine.

Check out the link below to register and download the free management pack and accompanying guide:


  1. Thanks for this blog post, Kevin!

    Rick Vanover (I work for Veeam)

    1. No problem Rick,

      Thanks for the free reporting MP!