Friday, June 15, 2012

MCSE Private Cloud Exam - Monitoring & Operating a Private Cloud with System Center 2012 - Passed!

After seeing some of the other attendees of MMS 2012 updating their blog's with news that they had passed the BETA MCSE Private Cloud exams that they had tested on over in Vegas, I dreaded the worst this morning when I went to check my own results.

Before I left for Vegas back in April, I had booked myself in to sit exam number 071-246 - 'Monitoring & Operating a Private Cloud w/System Center 2012' on the Thursday. I had picked the Thursday intentionally because after attending MMS 2011 last year, I knew that the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning's would be filled with hangovers from the parties being held the nights before - I know, it's a tough life! With the MMS 2012 closing party being held on the Thursday night, I figured for sure that the Friday morning would be a no-go so Thursday afternoon seemed the best choice to sit the exam.

After attending an excellent Exam Cram session by UK System Center MVP Gordon McKenna during the day on the Wednesday  and taking it nice and easy that night with a meal and a couple of quiet drinks out with the Irish contingent (honest!), I felt I'd be ready to take the exam no problem the next day........How wrong I was!

I didn't take into account that during the day over there at around 16:00, due to the jet lag and total lack of sleep during the early part of the week, just as I was sitting the exam, my body decided it wanted to go to sleep! I spent the next two hours trying to literally keep my eyes open while doing the exam and I'm sure at one stage, the exam attendent caught me closing my eyes too!

The fact that out of a total of 60 questions on the exam, I counted 21 of them that were asked on Service Manager - which is not part of my Kung Fu just yet, I was full sure I'd failed the exam at that point and couldn't argue with the impending result.

Fast forward to this morning again and I've just found out that despite everything, I managed to pass the exam!

It turns out that I must know a little bit about System Center 2012 after all!


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    1. Cheers Steve - was full sure I'd failed! Guess I was just lucky in Vegas :)

  2. Congrats dude! Mine still weren't showing up on my MCP transcript had to jump through some hoops to get it resolved. Wrote about it here and if anyone else has the same issue I hope it helps!

    1. Well Stephen - long time no speak buddy!

      Ironically, I've had pretty much the same problem as you've had trying to get my exam to show up on my transcript!

      Good info in your blog post (about time you posted something new up there!) for anyone else that has passed an exam at MMS or TechEd and and hasn't seen it appear on their transcripts yet.

      Talk soon dude,