Monday, April 2, 2012

SCOM 2012 (OpsMgr) Sizing Helper Tool

Download the new SCOM 2012 Sizing Helper Tool from Technet to assist with your new Operations Manager 2012 deployments.

The tool is basically an Excel spreadsheet that requires input on the environment you want to monitor and then returns recommendations based on best practices.

I've tried it out for a few different scenarios and it seems pretty comprehensive and if followed correctly, should make your deployments run nice and smooth from the beginning.

The screenshots below shows the tool in action

You can download the tool from the following link:


  1. Hi Kevin,

    I have used the Microsoft SCOM sizing tool to get an idea of the amount of infrastructure required to meet our needs. The result to me seems a little on the high side.

    For starters I want to monitor roughly 1500 network switches (ping/snmp) and Webpage monitoring (simply checking the existance).

    The result I got from the sizing tool was 3 manamgent servers with 8 cores and 32 GB of RAM. Is all that RAM really necessary? I ask because I need to justify needing so much memory and CPUs.

    Also do you have any experience with the Operations and DataWarehouse DB Servers being virtualized? We have almost no physical serves as we use VMs for everything.

    I appreciate your help in this matter, and keep up the good work sharing your knowledge with us folks.


    Karan (from Vancouver, Canada)

    1. Hi Karan,

      Apologies for the delayed response to your comment.

      What I've found in the past, is that the Sizing Tool is an excellent guide, but that's all it is. You'll need to take it's advice in your builds but modify the spec's as required once you've carried out some performance testing of the environment.

      The good news is that you can virtualize the whole SCOM environment as a fully supported configuration. Doing this means you could then leverage Dynamic Memory for your Management Servers that are monitoring your network devices if memory resources was an issue.

      Provided you deploy your virtual environment to the recommended specifications and guides from Microsoft for SQL and SCOM, you won't have a problem.