Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MMS 2012 is well and truly under way!

So, another year, another Microsoft Management Summit (MMS). Some of the great things about this conference are the quality of speakers, the opportunity to meet with your community peers and of course, the small fact that it is held in Las Vegas doesn't do it any harm either!

I'm over here this year with a decent contingent of Irish System Center enthusiasts and we are linking up with new people and friends every day as the conference progresses. I had the privilege to come over here last year for MMS 2011 and as an 'Alumni' this year they have really ramped up on the little extras for people who have previously attended. There is a closed off 'Alumni' lounge that we can hang out in which is fully stocked with refreshements, we get a really cool MMS 2012 Alumni (Nike) T-Shirt and I even got my hands on a (nerdy) "Get Your Geek On" pin badge which I'm proudly showing off pinned to my Ireland jersey today!

It's Day 2 of MMS 2012 today and this is when the first of two Keynote speeches by Brad Anderson - Microsoft Vice President takes place. Brad has just announced the General Release of System Center 2012 and highlighted the commitment of Microsoft to build and support the Private Cloud model. It was also announced that Windows Server '8' becomes Windows Server 2012 and will be released in this financial year for Microsoft.

If you want to have a look over todays Keynote or even watch tomorrow's one live, then you can access all of the keynotes and sessions from the MMS 2012 website here: http://www.mms-2012.com/

I'll try to keep the blog and my Twitter account as up to the minute as I can on the goings-on over here (only business related of course!), but if you're looking for some real-time blogging on some of the sessions, then check out Aidan Finn's blog to see what he's getting up to: http://www.aidanfinn.com/


  1. I am at mms 2012 and would like to meet with you
    tweet mikehanlo

  2. Hey Mike,

    We'll be attending the System Center CEP meetup later this evening at 18:00 in the Marco Polo rooms. See you there if you want to link up!