Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SCOM Dashboards - Part 4- Customizing the Dashboard Tabs

Before reading this post, please ensure you have reviewed my previous posts on SCOM Dashboarding from the links below:

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From your newly modified 'SCOM Dashboard' home screen, click on the 'Site Settings' option again to start modifying the three 'Incident', 'Activity' and 'Change' tabs at the top of the screen

In 'Look and Feel' again, select the option for the 'Top Link Bar'

Now click with your mouse on the icon beside the first 'Incident' option to edit the link properties

Change the name of the tab as below and then click on 'OK'

Repeat the process again for the 'Activity' tab but change it to 'SCOM Distributed Application Health State Dashboard' and then click on 'OK'

For the final tab, instead of renaming this one, open it up and then select the 'Delete' button (we will be replacing this tab later on with something far more interesting!) and then click 'OK' to confirm

Your dashboard should now look something like this so far with the logo, name reference and tabs all now relative to SCOM

Click on the 'SCOM Distributed Application Health State' tab that was created from the previous post

Once you have this tab open, click on the 'Site Actions' and then 'Settings' option on the right hand side

What we want to achieve at this point is a modification of the actual URL that this tab points to so that it no longer references the 'Activity' tab we removed previously

From this window, as before, click on the 'Title, Description and icon' option

Now change the 'Title', 'URL' and 'URL Name' from the following window to rename title, select your new SCOM_Logo.png file and generate a new url to browse directly to

Once completed, your new 'SCOM Distributed Application Health State Dashboard' tab should look something like this

In Part 5 of this series, I will walk through the installation of the Service Level Dashboard 2.0.

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