Saturday, January 1, 2011

VMNetBac - Backup and Restore Network Configuration Settings on older Virtual Machines

Nice handy free tool this. If you've ever had to move a Virtual Machines VHD manually to a different Hyper-V host and didn't use the 'Export' - 'Import' method within Hyper V Manager or the 'Migrate' option in SCVMM, then you will have experienced the hassle of having to reconfigure the TCP/IP information in the VM NIC configuration once it boots up in the new host- the NIC defaults to DHCP in this instance.

Although this is only a minor annoyance and you would normally have made notes or print screens of the original configuration first, wouldn't it be nice if you had a utility that would easily just first backup the information of the NIC and then the same utility could be used to quickly restore the TCP/IP configuration to the newly located VM?

Well here's the answer! have a tool called VMNetBac that will do just that.

Download it from here:

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