Monday, November 22, 2010

Active Directory and Exchange Topology Diagrammer

I came across this tool a couple of years ago, demo'd it, thought it looked great but forgot about it and never used it in a live environment.

Last week I started a project which required a full audit of a fairly large Exchange 2007 network that spread throughout 13 sites worldwide. As part of the audit, I set about creating a Visio diagram of the Exchange Organization but soon ran into trouble trying to map out all of the site links and detailed information.

That's when I remembered Microsoft's Active Directory Topology Diagrammer. This is a really handy tool when you want to create Visio diagrams of your networks and it covers Active Directory Site Structure, OU Structure and brilliantly the Exchange Organization structure too!

Download the tool from here and try it out, you will need Visio installed and with the latest Exchange stencils though for the tool to draw the diagrams properly:

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