Wednesday, July 24, 2013

System Center 2012 SP1 Update Rollup 3 is Now Available for Download!

Microsoft have just announced that Update Rollup 3 (UR3) for System Center 2012 SP1 has dropped and is available for download. There's a number of fixes for AppController, DPM and SCOM.

Here's an overview of what's fixed in this update for each product:

App Controller (2012 SP1) Update (KB2853227)

Issue 1
  • When you try to add a Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) connection by using either the UI or a Windows PowerShell command, the connection is unsuccessful. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

Connection address must be a fully qualified domain name.

This problem may occur when the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) contains a hyphen (-) in the last part of the name.

Issue 2
  • When a Windows Azure subscription contains a high-memory (A6 or A7) Windows Azure virtual machine, Azure functionality is not available in Microsoft System Center 2012 App Controller.

Additionally, you receive the following error message:

Retrieved data is incomplete.

When you click More details, you receive a "Service Unavailable" message. You may also receive a "Requested value 'A6' was not found" message.

Issue 3
  • When you try to use App Controller together with a proxy server, you receive the following error message:

(407) authentication required.

Note App Controller does not use configured proxy settings.

Issue 4
  • When you view the network properties of a deployed virtual machine and then click OK, the network connection is set to None. For example, the network connection field is empty and does not show the current network adapter.
Issue 5
  • When you move quickly between virtual machines in a list and then click the Properties task, the properties page for the previously selected virtual machine is displayed.
Issue 6
  • When you deploy an Azure virtual machine when the User must change password at next logon option is selected, you receive the following error message:
Bad Request
App Controller (2012 SP1) Setup Update (KB2823452)
Issue 1
  • App Controller cannot be installed if the Microsoft SQL Server database server name starts with a number.
( ) for more information.
Issue 2
  • Setup incorrectly reports that the SQL Server database has insufficient disk space.
Issue 3
  • Setup on a non-English operating system is unsuccessful when it tries to enable Internet Information Services (IIS)
Data Protection Manager (DPM 2012 SP1) Update (KB2853210)
Issue 1
  • When you use a tape library that has many slots, the Microsoft System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager database becomes bloated over time.
Issue 2
  • When you try to set up library sharing when you use Data Protection Manager SP1 Update Rollup 2 (UR2), you receive the following error message:
Failed to execute RBACRolePermissionOnStoredProcScript.sql on DPMServer\Database
Issue 3
  • When you run a Windows PowerShell script that retrieves the protection groups, the console crashes.
Issue 4
  • The VMM Helper Service stops responding, and no virtual machines are backed up. A restart enables the backups to continue.
Operations Manager (SCOM 2012 SP1) Update (KB2852565)

Issue 1
  • The Audit Collection Services (ACS) dtPrincipal tables sometimes are missing a user's domain name.
Issue 2
  • If you decide to see more than two days' worth of data in a Service Level Dashboard view, the data is displayed from the Daily Aggregated data and does not contain the last two days' worth of data.
Issue 3
  • The Health Service stops collecting performance data on Windows Server 2008 R2.
Issue 4
  • The web console crashes when the Active Alerts view and the Windows Computer State view are accessed at the same time when Internet Explorer 9 is used.
Issue 5
  • A memory leak may occur in the console when the performance widgets dashboard is left open.
Issue 6
  • When the Operator role is used, many 26319 events are generated. This causes performance problems.
Issue 7
  • Health Service availability reports are incorrect because of duplicate entries in the HealthServiceOutage table.
Issue 8
  • When the Orchestrator Integration pack is under a high-load scenario, a software development kit (SDK) process deadlock may occur.
Issue 9
This update includes fixes to the following Advisor Connector issues:
  • Group opt-in
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager gateway and Microsoft monitoring
  • Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  • Health state
  • Microsoft Knowledge Base article links in Operations Manager console alerts

Operations Manager (SCOM 2012 SP1) - UNIX and Linux Monitoring (Management Pack Update)

Issue 1

  • The Solaris agent cannot be installed on Solaris 11.1 because it does not find the prerequisite OpenSSL package.

Issue 2

  • Knowledge editing pages are not displayed when monitors that were created by the Shell Command templates are edited.

Issue 3

  • Log files that are encoded in schemes other than ASCII cannot be monitored.

You can choose to install these updates either automatically through Windows Update (recommended) or manually by clicking on the relevant download links from the official KB article on UR3 here:

As always though, make sure to read through the installation instructions for each product and understand what's involved.

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