Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SCOM 2012 - NetApp Data ONTAP 3.1 MP Discovery Issues

I was working on a customer site today and came across this annoying discovery issue with the NetApp SAN Data ONTAP 3.1 Management Pack. This will most likely occur in every SCOM 2012 SP1 environment until you either apply the workaround below or until NetApp release Data ONTAP v3.2

After you install the NetApp Data ONTAP 3.1 management pack (check out Stefan's post here for some easy to follow instructions), you will probably find that shortly after adding in the NetApp controllers that they show up with a Critical health state.

If you have read the guide that comes with the NetApp ONTAP 3.1 MP, you can be forgiven for thinking that discovery of your controllers will happen automatically - as stated in the guide. As it turns out, Automatic Discovery of controllers in SCOM 2012 does not work and you will have to manually run the discovery task instead. The following NetApp kb article confirms this (you'll need to register first to read this):


This is where the fun starts!

Taking heed of the NetApp kb article above, when you go and manually run the controller discovery using the task from inside the SCOM 2012 Operations Console, after a few minutes, the Windows Event viewer OnCommand Application Event Log reports the following message: 'Operations Manager could not log into controller'

Log Name: OnCommand
Source: Data ONTAP MP
Date: 12/19/2012 12:51:40 PM
Event ID: 1022
Task Category: (1)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: PHCHBS-S5194.XY.DOMAIN.net
Operations Manager could not log into controller XX.XX.XX.XX. Using the Data ONTAP credentials manager for System Center Operations Manager, check that valid credentials have been entered for this
controller, and if "Require HTTPS" is selected, verify that the controller is configured to accept HTTPS connections.
Address: XX.XX.XX.XX

These messages are logged every 15 minutes for each and every storage controller that is added into SCOM. When you've tired yourself out trying all different types of combinations to get the above error to go away (with https, without https, different user accounts etc.), then you'll be glad to know that NetApp have kindly provided a workaround to the problem along with a slight admission that this is a known issue with Data ONTAP 3.1 and that they will have it resolved in version 3.2!

This NetApp kb article has the information you need to get up and running (again, you will need to register first to view it):


I've copied the text from the kb article here for your convenience:

In the Run Discovery task GUI, use the option to run the task under a different domain admin user.
  1. Create a new Run As action account. Go to Administration > Run As configuration > Accounts > Create Run As account.
  2. Under Run As Account Type, select Action Account.
  3. Make the new account the default action account. Go to Administration > Run As Configuration > Profiles > Default Action Account
  4. Select the Default Action Account, select Properties, and change the Run As Account for the Management Server to the new account created under Create Run As Account.
After the above modification to the new default action account, the discovery will work as expected.
Note: In OnCommand Plug-in 3.2, running the Manage Controller Credentials within the context of the default Run As Account  and  issues such as this will be detected immediately when entering the credentials.
When you go to run the Discovery task manually again, make sure that you also specify an account in the Task Credentials section as below
Once the task is complete, you should see the following dialog box
That's all you should have to do now to ensure that your NetApp SAN and Storage infrastructure get discovered and managed in SCOM 2012 and after waiting for 10 or 15 minutes, you should see all of the LUN's, Volumes, vFilers etc. coming through inside the console.


  1. Hm thanks for your post but im afraid i cant get it running. i created the account as the kb recomends. Hm waht is do not understand is shuld i use for the discovery in the run as section the new created user?

  2. Unfortunately, this still looks applicable to version 3.2.