Thursday, May 3, 2012

SCOM 2012 - Installing the SCOrch 2012 Management Pack

Following on from my previous post on Installing the SCVMM 2012 Update Rollup 1 Management Pack into SCOM, this post will detail the steps required to install and configure the System Center 2012 Orchestrator (SCOrch) Management Pack that will enable you to monitor the health and availability of the SCOrch servers that deliver automation to your environment.

Although some people may not think this is a function that they really care about, the focus of System Center 2012 is all about the automation and self-service of your environment and if your main automation server isn't working as expected, then it's defintiely something that you want to know about!

For this post, it is presumed that you have already installed System Center 2012 Orchestrator and that you have deployed the SCOM 2012 agent to your SCorch servers. If you haven't yet installed SCOrch, then check out this post I wrote last year on what to do:

Installing System Center Orchestrator 2012

To begin, download the 'System Center Monitoring Pack for System Center 2012 - Orchestrator' from the link below (as always, make sure to also download the associated MP guide and read it from front to back first before deploying to get a good understanding of what's required):

The following Pre-Requisites must be in place before you deploy the management pack:

  • The Windows Server 2008 Internet Information Services 7 Management Pack (version 6.0.6658 or later) must be imported to the management group prior to importing the Monitoring Pack for System Center 2012 - Orchestrator.

  • Windows PowerShell is required on Orchestrator Management Servers and Runbook servers.

Once you've the MP downloaded to a location on your SCOM 2012 Management Server, browse to the location and run the SC2012OrchestratorMP.EXE file to open up the licence agreement screen and click Yes to continue.

From the window below, choose a location to extract the MP files to,then click OK

Now open up the SCOM Console, click on the Administration button from the Wunderbar down the bottom left hand side of the screen, expand Administration\Device Management, right mouse click on Management Packs and then choose the Import Management Packs option from the resulting menu as below

From the Import Management Packs window, click on the Add button and choose the Add from disk option. Select No from the window that asks if you want to go online to search for dependencies

Now browse to the location on your disk that you extracted the SCOrch management pack files to from earlier, select the two .MP files and then click Open

Confirm that both management pack files are ready for import as in the screen below and click on the Install button to continue

Once the management pack files have been imported successfully, you will see the screen below with a status of Imported for each one. Click on the Close button to exit the window.

Once the management pack has been imported, click on the Monitoring button in the Wunderbar on the bottom left hand side of the SCOM Console. Once in the Monitoring window, you should now see a new folder called System Center Orchestrator that represents the new management pack you've just installed. If you expand this folder and click on the Components view, you should see a nice diagram view of your System Center 2012 Orchestrator configuration as the screen below shows

This completes the installation of the SCOrch 2012 management pack.

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